“Coin Toss”


A guy I dated had a choice one night on going out with me or going with his friends. He flipped a coin and I lost.

— Wendy

Aftermath: He later came to my door and apologized, but it was too late.

This post was submitted by Wendy.

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“Shopping trip”

best of secrets!

I went grocery shopping and ran into my boyfriend, his wife and child.

— Letty

Aftermath: For the child’s sake I didn’t make a scene, I walked away.  Hour later he calls me and tells me they’re separating, I hung up on him and never heard from him again.

This post was submitted by Letty.

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“Trade in value”

best of clashes

She checked out the financial stability of a guy she was infatuated with to see if there was the possibility of making a step up in her life.

— Steve

Aftermath: Still together because divorce is so costly.

This post was submitted by Steve.

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best of chemistry

Our first kiss her breath smelled and tasted so bad that it reminded me of the smell earlier in the day when I was going number two.

— Ric

Aftermath: I never kissed her again.

This post was submitted by Ric.

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“WOW! What A Jerk!”


He decided to go to a World Of Warcraft convention… on my birthday. He forgot what day my birthday was, even though we’d been together eight years.

— Sarah

Aftermath: I have been with my current guy for two years. The first birthday I got to celebrate with him was the best birthday I’d ever had.

This post was submitted by Sarah.

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