“Bunny Rabbit”

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This guy and I were friends for a while, but I was in a long-term relationship and he lived out of town. My boyfriend and I broke up, and my friend flew all the way from Texas to visit, just to make sure I was okay. One thing led to another, and we ended up in bed. He started “pumping” so fast, I couldn’t hold back the laughter. I asked him to get off of me and asked him to leave.


Aftermath: We never really talked again, and I lost a very dear friend. I wish we never crossed that line.

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“He can grab us a snack!”


I was with a women for the first time, on the couch at her home when some lights came on in another room, I heard the refrigerator door open, she said “keep going, it’s just my son.”

— Cobra193

Aftermath: She lie there naked, I grabbed my clothes and left, never to look back again!

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“O Face looked like her Brother”

best of sex

I started dating my buddy’s hot sister. We had great sex until the first time she had an orgasm while on top facing me. Her orgasm face made her look exactly like her brother. I immediately lost “it.”

— HockeyDude

Aftermath: We split up and haven’t seen her since.

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“Jesus is Watching”

best of sex

I can’t decide…When we were having sex and he pulled out, threw on his clothes and said “We can’t do this, Jesus is watching,” or when he told me we could never hang out on Sundays because that’s when his “Magic the Gathering” card club met.

— Red Balloon

Aftermath: He broke up with me about a week after the sex incident, saying we were “going too fast” and that he needed to be more mature for his mother.

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“Diagnosis; slut”


She told me  I gave her Chlamydia, even though she was my first and only sexual experience and I knew she had a lot of “friends.”

— Mike

Aftermath: Test results later came back clean for me… Peace out!

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