“Arrested dating development”


I hadn’t dated in four years, and had just gone through a bad break up, so was emotionally unsteady and unprepared for the dating world. But when the first post break up nice guy asked me out to dinner, I was so flattered and surprised, I automatically said yes. I met him at the restaurant; we were about to order, when he leaned across the table and asked me, “So, am I paying for this or are we splitting it or what?” I had assumed we would split the bill (arrested dating development), so I said, ‘No, I’ll pay for myself.’ Didn’t realize what a schmuck he was until I told that story to my girlfriends, at which point I realized it was over before it began.


Aftermath: One more “date,” where I paid for myself—again.


“The Defecator”

best of manners

I was dating a guy who installed water softeners. He told me that while he was at people’s homes if the water was shut off he would just s*** there in their basement or crawl space. If it was the crawl space, he left it.

— Kimberly

Aftermath: I am no longer with him. The man I am marrying knows how to hold it and where to go.

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“Spittin’ Nails”

best of manners

He refused to use nail clippers, instead pulling his foot up to his mouth and chewing off his toenails! Then he spit them out on my carpet!

— Angie

Aftermath: I packed his stuff and put it in my driveway. Then I called him at work and told him to bring a truck because he was OUT!

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“Death of a Marriage”

best of manners

The day of my dad’s funeral my husband insisted on stopping at an archery store so he could “look around.”

— boomer

Aftermath: We are divorced.

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“Sugar Mamma”


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner as my present. Dinner was awesome until the bill came and he conveniently forgot his wallet. He slid the bill across the table and said “You’ve got this, right babe?” Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

— Amanda

Aftermath: To make up for the incident he took me out to a nice dinner again. This time, instead of forgetting his wallet he didn’t have enough money to cover the bill.

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