“Sugar Mamma”


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner as my present. Dinner was awesome until the bill came and he conveniently forgot his wallet. He slid the bill across the table and said “You’ve got this, right babe?” Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

— Amanda

Aftermath: To make up for the incident he took me out to a nice dinner again. This time, instead of forgetting his wallet he didn’t have enough money to cover the bill.

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“I’ll (never) get the next one”


We had been talking on the phone for a month (he was overseas). The night I picked him up from the airport we went out. When we went to the bar for drinks he looked at me and said “You got this one I’ll get the next.”

— Nancy

Aftermath: We went out four other times and he did the same thing everytime, he never did get the next one!

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“Coin Toss”


A guy I dated had a choice one night on going out with me or going with his friends. He flipped a coin and I lost.

— Wendy

Aftermath: He later came to my door and apologized, but it was too late.

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“Cold Shoulder”


It was our first date. We went for coffee, and then to the movies. I got chilly, so I leaned towards him, shivered, and commented that I was cold (what I thought was an obvious signal to put his arm around me). Without even taking his eyes off the screen he said, “So put your jacket on.”

— Tara

Aftermath: I wanted to walk out right there, but I was his ride home. A drive that should have taken me 20 minutes took less than 10, and I haven’t talked to him since.

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“Dawson’s Creek Christmas”

chemistry manners

We’d been dating for 4 years. Found out I was pregnant, he said he wasn’t ready for a baby. So I had it “taken care of.” He never called b4 or after my surgery. Week later on Christmas Day. He dumped me, I bought his family including him gifts. He kept stating things like “I hate us,” “I don’t see you in my future” and “You’re a great girl. You’ll get over this.” He said it as though I was sleeping around or we were dating for only 4 months.


Aftermath: He told me he want to be friends like Dawson and Joey from “Dawson’s Creek.” He went to Cuba the weekend before my birthday…and I got a call from Cuba saying, “Happy Birthday.” This happened this past December. The emotional and mental scarring is still fresh and I regret my decision everyday. I was going to dump him when I found out I was pregnant, but I thought we had a future and I didn’t want to ruin his or the future child’s.

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