“New Year’s Miss”


It was New Year’s Eve. I’d been seeing him for 4 months when he invited me to a party for New Year’s. Then, all of a sudden, he kissed me and I liked it. He gave me a drink and said he loved me. Then he threw up on me, and I just screamed at him. Everybody looked at us, and I just screamed and ran. :(


Aftermath: He was WASTED, so I left him on the curb. P.S. He drives a nice car (mine).

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“High Fidelity”

best of clashes

While saying our vows, my soon to be husband broke down in laughter… he couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried, say the word “fidelity.”

— Jane Doe

Aftermath: Five years later we divorced.

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I moved to another state for him and had a hard time adjusting, he said “If your so miserable here, just go home.” We were married.

— Better Off Without Him

Aftermath: I drove home.

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“Cute panties, but not mine”


While spending the afternoon with my boyfriend he went to the gas station to grab a soda and I decided to get the bed ready for lounging. As I ran my hand between the mattress and wall my fingers snagged something. It was a small pair of thong panties, that were not mine.

— Jasmine

Aftermath: I decided to give him another chance.  About 10 mos. later I ran into someone who brought a few things to light and decided it was time to say good-bye.

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“Wrong number, D-bag”


I got a text one morning from my boyfriend saying last night was really fun and asked if the morning-after pill was making me nauseous. He was 4 hours away in DC for the summer.

— Mags

Aftermath: Initial denial, followed by begging, pleading, apologizing for weeks. The relationship ended, even though he’s convinced we’ll be together again.

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