best of secrets!

He pretended to be the father of terminally ill child to get a free vacation to Disney World out of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Aftermath: It lasted a week while I figured out the best way to break up with him without him wanting to ruin my life with harassment.


“Out for coffee”


I went out for coffee with a girl from my new job. The first thing I asked after we sat down was how long she’d been working there. Her answer: “Oh, quite awhile. Like a little over a year. Yeah, it’s basically what I’ve been doing since I finished high school.” I’m 29.


Aftermath: When I told her I hadn’t realized how young she was she answered, “Yeah, I kind of wondered if you did.” She never really spoke to me again after that, but made sure to tell everyone at work it was me who was ignoring her. Two months later she was transferred to another area and subsequently quit.


“A big man”


A big man walked up to my fiancé and told him to stay the f*** away from his wife.


Aftermath: He denied the affair initially, but then dumped me on the eve of my 30th birthday. I was visiting him abroad, so he put me up in a hotel while I waited for my flight home. I upgraded to the penthouse and ordered lots of room service to at least stick him with a big bill.

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“At the beach”


My wife returned home after a weekend “at the beach” and told me she had found another place to live “alone.”


Aftermath: Less than a week.

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“Shopping spies”

best of secrets!

He called me from out of the country and told me that he knew I was in a grocery store. And he wanted to know who I was shopping with (a male friend who had a car). Turns out his friends saw me and called him to tell him what I was doing.


Aftermath: I found out that he was an international drug dealer, living under a different name, was married, and had 5 children by 5 women—all at age 26.

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