At the end of the date, he held me in a death grip and plastered his disgustingly wet lips (and tongue) across my mouth. Then he pulled back and said, “There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

— Amy

Aftermath: Ugh, it was worse than bad. I never saw him again.

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“Star Man”


We were at the beach and he pointed at the stars and said “that’s the Big Dipper.” When I looked it was Orion’s Belt.

— W

Aftermath: Told him I was dating someone else.

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“She just wasn’t ready”


We had been dating a month and (still) hadn’t kissed. I thought the time was right so I went for it. She refused, saying we were taking it “too fast” then tried to hookup with my best friend as I was walking down the street.

— Funky Dank

Aftermath: I ended it soon after, and still hold resentment to this day…

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“Rock out…of my life.”


My boyfriend told me he wrote a song for me and was going to play it at his next show. He came on stage screaming and wrapped the mic cord around his neck like a noose and ripped his shirt off pouring fake blood on himself, and proceeds to properly dedicate it to his hardcore girlfriend.

— Liz

Aftermath: We broke up… Hardcore.

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best of chemistry

Our first kiss her breath smelled and tasted so bad that it reminded me of the smell earlier in the day when I was going number two.

— Ric

Aftermath: I never kissed her again.

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