“WINNER! Plain Nuts”

best of quirks

I was eating almonds from a can and asked if he wanted any. He took the can and counted out the correct portion as stated on the nutritional information—then only ate those almonds.


Aftermath: We stopped seeing each other about a week later.

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“Good at Computers”

best of quirks

I asked my new boyfriend how he got so good at computers. He replied, “Well, I was addicted to porn for a while.”


Aftermath: Have not talked since.

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“The Goat”


I walked downstairs and found him showing the “GOAT” to his other friend. Both laughing their asses off.


Aftermath: Ew.

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“Baby Food”

best of quirks secrets!

One night on the phone she started telling me about all her little “quirks.” It was so boring I stopped listening. I tuned back in to her monologue just in time to hear her say that she likes to eat baby food. Ugh! You heard right, baby food. As in little jars. As in Gerber….


Aftermath: She eventually stopped calling me.

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“Foreskin, He Hardly Knew Ye”


The reason he doesn’t trust authority figures is due to being circumcised at birth. Quote: “They’re just trying to keep me down.”

— Lesson Learned

Aftermath: Stayed with him for a total of 1.5 years. No excuse, really.

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