“Control Top or Thigh High?”


He revealed that he liked to masturbate while wearing women’s nylons.

— Laci

Aftermath: I stopped taking his calls.

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“He peed in the sink”


I found him peeing in the kitchen sink. When I gasped out loud, he acted like he was sleep walking. A few months later, I found whiskey bottles full of pee under the bed. He wasn’t sleep walking, he was just too lazy to go to the bathroom!

— Cheryl

Aftermath: We went our separate ways.

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“Anyone know a plumber?”


I heard him flush the toilet, then he came running (like a little girl) out of the bathroom with this look of fear, shock, horror on his face. The toilet overflowed… He was too scared to plunge the toilet, so I did. He was 40! Really? He was so icked out that he icked me out.

— Andie

Aftermath: We did eventually marry. Divorced now. I should have known then he was full of s***.

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“WINNER! Plain Nuts”

best of quirks

I was eating almonds from a can and asked if he wanted any. He took the can and counted out the correct portion as stated on the nutritional information—then only ate those almonds.


Aftermath: We stopped seeing each other about a week later.

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“Good at Computers”

best of quirks

I asked my new boyfriend how he got so good at computers. He replied, “Well, I was addicted to porn for a while.”


Aftermath: Have not talked since.

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