“Keep it in the Family”


He joined the Army and kept calling and writing to me professing his love. Then a family friend brought me a picture of him and his new wife of 6 months and the even bigger shock was that his new wife was my cousin!!!

— Addison

Aftermath: He still tries to contact me from time to time….I ignore him.

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“Last to Know”


My daughter was checking her mother’s voice mail messages on her cell phone. To our surprise there were numerous messages from my now ex’s boyfriend. I really was the last to know.

— Gary

Aftermath: I discovered she had been telling all her friends for quite some time that we were getting a divorce.

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“How low can he go?”


We moved into our new place. There were still boxes to unpack when I got a phone call from his girlfriend in another state. He was planning on moving back to be with her and sticking me with the lease. Turns out he gave us the same Valentine’s gift, mailing hers from his mom’s house.

— Last to Know

Aftermath: I moved out that night, sticking him with the lease. She dumped him too.

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“Multiple Personalities”


My ex-wife claimd to be helping her ailing mother, but then her sister called to ask why they hadn’t seen her in a while. When I confronted her about her unexplained absences, she said “we’re not the same people…”

— Chris

Aftermath: We divorced.

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“Wrong Babe”


I got a text message one day. It said, “Hey babe…I had a great time last night, why don’t you spend the night tomorrow and we can have even more fun!” I was two states away at the time and far from her place.

— Thom

Aftermath: Found out she was seeing this guy for months after checking out the phone messages/calls I paid for. Broke up as soon as I got back.

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