“Rotting Garbage”


I came home to a lazy, self-righteous prick who had just taken a huge sh*t and my apartment that smelled like rotting garbage. I didn’t know where the smell was coming from until my roommate told me it was him. He was sitting on his worthless ass watching TV and eating all our food.


Aftermath: I kicked him out, then me and my roommate laughed about him and his rank ass for hours.

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best of weird

The first time we kissed, she bit my lip. I’m not opposed to nibbling, but she busted it open.


Aftermath: 15 minutes

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best of

He accidentally sent me an e-mail through one of his alias e-mail accounts that happen to be a female name.


Aftermath: I had my suspicions prior to this that he had multiple alias e-mail accounts to which he said he needed for “junk e-mail.” Yeah. OK!

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“Pretty Crazy”


We had this growing relationship, seemed well for about a month. She was pretty crazy, but I thought it was kind of cool. She eventually cut things off and started dating her best male friend. She started treating me like sh*t and harassing me in front of friends. A year later, she got a hold of me and we made out one night. I realized those feelings weren’t there and cut things off as politely as I could.


Aftermath: At 16, she married a 36-year-old with 3 kids. She cheated on him, he stabbed the man and went to jail. We never came close to sex. She never saw me naked but told all my friends I had a small penis.

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It was over when he told me he had no libido anymore, but he didn’t want to go to a doctor to get it checked out.


Aftermath: After six sexless months of hell, he went to the doctor, and didn’t follow what he suggested. I moved out a week later.

This post was submitted by Lola.

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