“I’d wait if I had to marry you”


On one of our first dates, he asked me if I was “one of those crazy girls who wanted to wait till marriage [for sex].” We hadn’t even kissed yet.

— “Crazy” Girl

Aftermath: We eventually broke up.  I met a totally amazing guy and he doesn’t call me crazy.

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“Cliff Diving”


I called her to let her know I was on my way. I say “Hey!” she says “Hold on.”  I hear her say “It’s him, what do I tell him?” then I hear a guy, “Tell him you’re with me,” she gets back on the phone and says “I’ll call you back.”

— Eddie

Aftermath: I heard she drove herself crazy and flew off a cliff…

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“Next time I’m going to Caribou”


After meeting a guy at Starbucks we started chatting on Facebook and decided to meet. He was the most self-centered person I ever met and he kept talking about this house in Malibu he was going to buy. I left after 15 minutes.

— Erika

Aftermath:  He continued to text me for 2 weeks straight. I ignored him.

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“He hearts Jonas Bros.”


He squealed with delight like a teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers concert….

— Rebecca

Aftermath: After the date from hell he met up with my best friend who must have lost her mind because they slept together & then spent the evening in the hospital trying to get the “morning after” pill.

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“Stood Up”


He stood me up on New Year’s Eve. I explained to him how that made me feel and he said he had nothing to apologize for.

— Sharon

Aftermath: I blocked him from my Facebook.

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