“Down South”

best of sex

On our first date we headed to the car for some making out. After parking somewhere and getting it started in the back seat, Round 1 ended. Round 2 starts and I’m down south and he farts. “Oops, sorry babe…”


Aftermath: It didn’t smell, but for some reason my stomach hurts every time I think about it.

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I like men with beards. It was over when i realized that all we had in common was that i liked beards and he used to have one.


Aftermath: It took a few months, and there were other reasons, but I realized that this was the turning point. He also had a weak chin.

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“Buffalo Sabres”


We were both huge Buffalo Sabres hockey fans. After a few weeks telling me we were going to go to a few games because her father had season tickets, she called me. She had three things to tell me. 1) We were going to go a Sabres game the next week. 2) She wanted to be just friends from then on out.


Aftermath: Well, there was no number 3, we never wound up going to the game, and she started dating some other dude shortly after. I believe they have been to many games.

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“Internet Love”

best of chemistry

I knew it was over before it began. We met over the Internet and began the most intense, loving, honest relationship either of us had ever had. We had said we would meet one day but due to issues in both our lives, that never seemed to happen.


Aftermath: 9 months later, we realized it was too perfect and magical to work in real life. I don’t regret a single day.

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We were laying in bed talking when his phone rang. He got up and walked outside to answer it. I got up and went to stand by the door to see who he was talking to. I heard him say, “Didn’t you get the flowers I sent you? Well, what? You can’t say thank you?” In the year we had been dating he never so much as took me out on a nice date! I confronted him, and he kept saying, “You just aren’t good enough. You’re not pretty. I want her back.”


Aftermath: I left that night, taking everything I had bought for the house. I’m now with a great guy, who thinks I’m great, pretty, and good enough. The ex still calls me from blocked numbers. I guess he thinks I’ll be there when he’s lonely. Truly a loser.

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