“How’s that for Karma?”


Her HUSBAND called me and asked “Are you f****** my wife?”

— Rich

Aftermath: She moved back home to Indonesia right before the tsunami and I never heard from her again.

This post was submitted by Rich.

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“HARD Day at Work”


He told me he masturbated in the men’s restroom at work. I asked if he was thinking of me.  “No, just thinking about my men working on those John Deere tractor’s, turned me on.”

— Laura

Aftermath: He moved to the kid’s room, and we divorced within the year. Who knew….

This post was submitted by Laura .

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“Till Death”


We broke up because he was an abusive liar, but I was so in love that we decided to stay friends. Less than a week later on the phone he told me I should go kill myself.

— Samantha

Aftermath: We haven’t spoken since, and I’m definitely over him.

This post was submitted by Samantha.

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“He left me for sheep”


My boyfriend moved back to his home country, England, and disappeared for a month. He told me he had joined the Army and was at basic training. I found out that he didn’t actually join the Army,  he decided to go to Ireland to try out his hand at farming sheep.

— Dover

Aftermath: He sent me an email telling me how I am actually a liar. We broke up.

This post was submitted by Dover.

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“How do you feel about…?”


I thought he was too feminine so I asked around about his sexuality; my friends assured me he was straight. Finally we had HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SEX – Couldn’t Keep It Up!

Left the next morning & never heard from him again.

— Sandy

Aftermath: In hindsight I should have seen if he was interested in my butt hole.

This post was submitted by Sandy.

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