We were laying in bed talking when his phone rang. He got up and walked outside to answer it. I got up and went to stand by the door to see who he was talking to. I heard him say, “Didn’t you get the flowers I sent you? Well, what? You can’t say thank you?” In the year we had been dating he never so much as took me out on a nice date! I confronted him, and he kept saying, “You just aren’t good enough. You’re not pretty. I want her back.”


Aftermath: I left that night, taking everything I had bought for the house. I’m now with a great guy, who thinks I’m great, pretty, and good enough. The ex still calls me from blocked numbers. I guess he thinks I’ll be there when he’s lonely. Truly a loser.

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“What Happens in Vegas”


She went to Las Vegas with her best friend. I was wary. My cousin kept telling me she was going to cheat because that’s what girls do in Vegas. I go to her MySpace page only to find a comment from her best friend saying she wishes she could’ve gone. I didn’t hear from her all weekend. She sent me a text on her way home.


Aftermath: When I asked her if the friend and her had a good trip, she lied and said they had fun. I broke up with her right there through email and told her I knew she was lying.

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“Family Plan”

best of secrets!

I was dating an older, successful military man who pursued me for a year before I relented. He had to travel often, and would fly me to see him. Then I got a phone call from his wife.


Aftermath: Turns out he had girlfriends all around the country who he fly to see him, but his wife doesn’t believe in divorce and they have two children together already. I sent him a final e-mail asking him how he’ll handle it when his daughter has men like him using her. He still pays for my cell phone, which is on his family plan!

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“Sleep Around”


After learning he had been cheating on me for several months, I confronted him and told him it was over. He responded that I was crazy and just making up excuses so that I could sleep around with other men.


Aftermath: We lasted about two weeks of him cheating after my confrontation. I hear he and the girl are getting married this spring.

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“Update your contacts”


After hanging out for a few weeks at his apartment on weeknights, I asked him to hang out in public on the weekend. He said yes, then never called. We got in a huge argument on text & he then called me another girl’s name. When called out, his response “My bad. Lol. Don’t be upset. An honest mistake.”


Aftermath: He texted me another month later, asking if I was interested in hanging out again. Told him I wasn’t interested and reminded him who I was just in case he hadn’t updated his contacts yet. His response? “Whatever,” then not another word, ever.

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