“Drinking buddy baggage”


I knew it was over when we were out at the bar and my favorite drinking buddy/womanizer’s name was brought up. That instant my girl became silent and upset. I tried to get her to say something and quickly realized she was one of his one-night stands. By the way she reacted I felt like I was the runner up.


Aftermath: I told her to take a hike. It’s one thing to eff my good friend, but I don’t need to deal with the emotional baggage he caused you.

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“Adding up…”


First date = she told me she had 1 kid. Date two = she admitted she had two kids. Date three = she admitted to four kids and 1 husband, or an ex-husband that she lives with to help raise the kids.


Aftermath: I literally ran. I went back to the restaurant later to pick up my car. I was afraid to hear what was coming next.

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It was over when I found out that he was offering our bathtub to a very good friend, saying, “Tomorrow is good, Jules is gonna be at work…”

Good thing she told me…


Aftermath: It ended right there after 4 years. He tried to make up and even called my landlord, my mom and my best friend!

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“Suspicious Minds.”


We were engaged. One night he went to a party. He didn’t come back until 8 the next morning. He said he was too drunk to make it home, and I understood. Three weeks later he tells me that he ended up sleeping next to some girl, but nothing happened. When I asked why he didn’t initially tell me, he claimed he was too scared that I’d be mad.

Aftermath: I found out he was cheating on me. I ended up dating an awesome guy, and we’re still together four years later.

My ex is in a shitty marriage with an abusive woman.

He still calls me. I never answer.

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“Am I hiding my porn under my mattress?”


Our wedding was three months away. She felt that I was being unfaithful and started checking my phone. After a whole night of fighting about why I text other girls, I called it quits!!


Aftermath: It took a week and a half of her pleading with me, before I told her I was going to call the cops if she didn’t get the F*** out of my house. I have realized I’m not ready to give up 20-year-old bodies!!!!

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