“Fantasy to Reality”


During sex, she got really hot telling me fantasy stories about me having sex with a hot girl lifeguard after everyone had left the pool. She started working out 2 nights a week with friends. Shortly thereafter I found out that the “workout friends” was a gym teacher. At his school. At the pool. After everyone else had left.


Aftermath: She vehemently denied any wrongdoing; said that it was a coincidence, even after I received a cell phone video of proof. I filed for divorce.

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“Baby Mama”


We were dating for about two months, and then he decided to tell me his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and it “might” be his child…one week before it was due.


Aftermath: He left to go get a paternity test and be there for the birth. I haven’t talked to him since he left.

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“Minor Leaguer”


I had been dating this college football coach for a few months and decided to fly across the country and visit for his birthday. We always had fun together, but this trip he spent all weekend blowing me off for various obligations, and I knew something was up. Later I got this crazy demanding message asking where dinner was and when I was coming home. I told him that instead of spending my time with him I’d rather visit a friend (who lived 200 miles away).


Aftermath: He’d been cheating on me with his ex, but apologized and said he wanted to marry me; wanted me to be the mother of his children. I drove to his best friend’s house and f*cked him. *It should also be noted that coincidentally he was fired on his birthday. Karma’s a b*tch.

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I knew it was over when, after a month, we were on our way to watch a meteor shower, and she hid from her ex-bf’s friend because she didn’t want him to see us together.


Aftermath: I knew at that moment that I was a secret indulgence since we usually went out to places where she wouldn’t run into other people. It wasn’t surprising when the next day I got an email from her saying she didn’t want to be together.

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“Ring, Ring”


One night I went to my friend’s house since my hubby was watching a football game. When I got to her house it looked like she was leaving to go somewhere. She said, “I was going to your house. Scott said that he had a surprise for you.” I called him from her house, and he picked up, thinking it was her, and said, “Where are you baby?”


Aftermath: We got a divorce and Scott and my friend are now happily married with 2 children…

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