“Somethin’s Gotta Give”


I knew it was over when I called his wife after a 6 yr relationship.

—Mrs. Smith

Aftermath: We’ve been talking again for the past two years. It was 5 yrs before I heard from him. Strictly friends.

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“Still Married”

secrets! sex

She always bitched and complained about “the father of her child” so I assumed she was never married or was recently divorced. After 6 months of casual dating I found out that she was separated, not divorced or an unwed mother as I had thought. She told me “we need to talk about this” when I asked her if she was married. That conversation never happened.


Aftermath: Her husband found who I was and tried to run me down in a supermarket parking lot. I shared this with several friends and family members in case anything ever happens to me.

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“Baby Face”


Our “romantic date” for his birthday wound up being Cici’s Pizza with his mom, where I was informed that I was silly, he wouldn’t be 17 for another year. I was 17. And I’d been dating a 15 year old boy. *gag*


Aftermath: I thought I’d give him one more chance by letting him take me to my school’s homecoming dance, but when his mom squashed those plans too I broke it off.

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“Drinking buddy baggage”


I knew it was over when we were out at the bar and my favorite drinking buddy/womanizer’s name was brought up. That instant my girl became silent and upset. I tried to get her to say something and quickly realized she was one of his one-night stands. By the way she reacted I felt like I was the runner up.


Aftermath: I told her to take a hike. It’s one thing to eff my good friend, but I don’t need to deal with the emotional baggage he caused you.

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“Adding up…”


First date = she told me she had 1 kid. Date two = she admitted she had two kids. Date three = she admitted to four kids and 1 husband, or an ex-husband that she lives with to help raise the kids.


Aftermath: I literally ran. I went back to the restaurant later to pick up my car. I was afraid to hear what was coming next.

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