“I’m Fine, Thank You”


I called to tell her I was in a wreck and the car was totalled.

— Jim

Aftermath: She replied “great now what are we gonna do” instead of Are YOU OKAY?

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best of manners

He told me it would be nice to “F” someone beautiful and intelligent and he wasn’t talking about me…


Aftermath: Splitsville

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My cheap boyfriend didn’t want to buy a car and wanted to use mine while I could take public transit to work. I knew it was over when he said, “I know it is your car, but I’d like it to be OUR car.”


Aftermath: He also wanted me to move out of my apartment to move closer to his new job so it would be convenient to share rent. We broke up shortly after.

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“Valentine Hazing”

best of manners

It was over when he canceled our dinner plans so he could haze his fraternity’s pledges. On Valentine’s Day.


Aftermath: I’m never dating a frat boy again.

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““Sheet” stain”

best of manners

His mother disliked me and we were secretly seeing each other. He had reserved a room for me at the local motel…We fooled around, then he got up to go to the bathroom, returned, sat on the bed, got dressed and left. Then, I noticed something on the sheets. He hadn’t thoroughly wiped and had left diarrhea stains.


Aftermath: I knew right then that I couldn’t be with someone who was ashamed of me, and I definitely couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t properly wipe their own ass. I broke up with him about ten minutes later via AIM. He tried to convince me to reconsider, but there were other problems far before that. His mother was always wiping his ass for him, so I guess he didn’t know how to do anything for himself.

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