best of manners

Despite his jobless, irresponsible, lazy habits, I thought it was sweet that he made fresh coffee for me every morning. It was over when I realized, I can also make my own coffee.


Aftermath: I asked him to move out and within two months, I had cleaned out the garage, finished painting two bedrooms, hired a yard team, and met a nice man who pays his own mortgage and takes me out for coffee.

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“Another Girl”


He asked my roommate for another girl’s number. And later lied about it.


Aftermath: It was over before that even happened. I later found out (not to my surprise) that he just wanted to get with me. Luckily I didn’t give him any.

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“(Not so) Sizzler”

best of manners

On our first date, I let her decide where she wanted to eat dinner. She picked Sizzler because she wanted some “good steak.” While there she asked the waiter for a job application and proceeds to fill it out at the table during our date.


Aftermath: We still spent the night together, because…well, I’m a guy. But I never talked to her again after that. The whole thing was odd.


“Sugar Mama”


I had a boyfriend of 2 years who lived in my house. I asked him to help pay for things like groceries and utilities. I didn’t ask for help with the mortgage or anything major. I realized it was over when he would spend his last few dollars on beer, weed and cigarettes and never helped me with any of the groceries or utilities. I don’t think I was unreasonable. He was living rent free & I was his sugar mama!!


Aftermath: We were together another couple of months before I asked him to leave for a week. He came back after the break week but didn’t make any effort to act differently, so I kicked him out after two weeks.

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“Waiting for karma”

best of manners

Broke up with a guy I dated long distance because his religion would never accept me & I wanted the best for him. Months later & still heart broken, I was in his city so I called him. We ended up having amazing sex. Later we went out with friends. He sat across from me when a girl sat next to him, put her leg on his, rubbed his bald head, fed him French fries and watched porn on his phone while being only a centimeter away from his face. We left the place while they walked arm in arm.


Aftermath: We talked weeks later & when I raged he said I nag, didn’t think I cared and that I’m addicted to negativity. I realized I was a piece of meat. Waiting for karma to kick in.

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