“Hey, jealousy”

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She was jealous of the time I spent with my band. Then, she explained that she was specifically jealous of our lead singer (whom I’ve played music with for the last seven years).

It also didn’t help that the woman she was jealous of happens to be a lesbian.


Aftermath: After a terrible year and a half it finally ended. Much psycho B.S. followed. She still comes to our shows sometimes – who knows why.

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“Bar crawl”

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I met her at a bar. I should have known better. We hit it off and started casually dating. I found out she went to the bar every other day. I’m not the bar type of guy. When I did go out, I found out her past. She slept with everyone there.


Aftermath: She needed a place to stay when she lost her job. Took me 2 months to get rid of her. Got fed up and kicked her out. Never date anybody you meet at a bar.

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“Mama’s boy”

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I met his family on our first date. His mother talked about how our kids would have big butts because of me. He told me he didn’t like my piercings and he wanted me to take them out. He also said he didn’t want kids yet.


Aftermath: We went on one more date, for his birthday, and hung out with his family again. He dumped me the day after by saying he was moving. He is now engaged to a girl I went to high school with who has a kid.

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“Athiest morals”

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He told me that he didn’t believe you can have morals if you weren’t raised in the church. My dad is an atheist and my mother a lapsed Lutheran. I am also an atheist; he knew all of this.


Aftermath: We broke up a few months later, remained roommates for a few more months after that. We are both in the process of moving out. We are still best friends.


“LSAT sleepover”


The night before the LSAT exam, my boyfriend drove his fancy car to my place instead of his Mazda, even though I live in a shady neighborhood. He kept me up all night because he would look out the window at every noise he heard to make sure the car was OK. Took the LSAT on 0 hours of sleep. The next day, having taken the LSAT and having been awake for 40 hours, I escorted him and his family to a tractor pull at a county fair. He whined that I was selfish and never did what he wants to do.


Aftermath: Three to four weeks later. LSAT results were in. I ended up getting 11 points lower than I had ever gotten on my lowest practice LSAT— all because I was sleep deprived because of his stupid car.

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