“Nazi no no.”


It was over when he told me his grandpa was a Nazi and that he told him just one great thing: “All Jews must die”. I told to him that I had to go home, so he drove me, and that was the last time I saw him!


Aftermath: I hate racist people and I’m JEWISH!!!

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“Just Friends”


Two months before our wedding, my fiance wanted to go home to see his family for his birthday. The minute we arrived at his parents’ house, he told them the wedding was off and we were not dating anymore. He then asked me to stay the weekend with him as “friends.”


Aftermath: I moved out of his house the next day and into my new place. I’m focusing on my career and friends and enjoying being young. As for him, he’s apparently dating a 15-year-old girl from his home town. He’s 21. NASTY!!!

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“40 going on 12”


I knew it was over after loaning her a new washer-dryer, a van and two cell phones, not to mention the thousands of dinners over six months, it was never enough. She always wanted more. She always tried to tell me how to live my life and raise my kids.


Aftermath: It was finally over after her son got scabies and she couldn’t even afford the doctor bill.. If you are almost 40 with no car, you don’t make good life choices.

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“Fine, Fly away!”


I knew it was over when he called me while drunk on the 4th of July to tell me that we were on a break for the rest of the summer but wouldl remain friends. He decided this. Then proceeded to tell me he needed to be like an eagle and fly away. This is the 5th time he’s run away.


Aftermath: After all the sh*t you’ve put me through I can honestly say I hope that, as you are flying like an eagle, you get shot down.

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“A different kind of stranger danger”

best of clashes

My wife went out with a new co-worker. She came home late and drunk. We got into a fight, made up, and two days later when she went back to work she told me over the phone that she was not coming back. Married for 4 years and ended with a stranger. A week later she put a restraining order on me. I saw her with that co-worker kissing. It’s been over a year and I’m still in hell!!!


Aftermath: Not the woman I knew and married. Hope they both just die and go to H*ll!!!

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