“Bad dream reality check”


She had a dream in which I did something to make her really angry (she couldn’t recall what). When she woke up, she couldn’t shake the feeling and remained angry for about a week.


Aftermath: I stayed with her for a while and even months later she would bring up how bad I’d made her feel in her dream. Her rationale was I must have done something in real life to have triggered the dream in the first place.

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“Double Wide”


She called me out of the blue one day and asked me out, and a week later I found myself sitting her family’s double-wide at about 2AM, with her lips wrapped around my c**k, and her brother asleep on the couch across the room. A few weeks later, it was all about her virginity and how she was saving herself


Aftermath: I dumped her for a stacked redhead I worked with about 3 days later. I’ll bet she’s still in that double-wide. I’ve developed much higher standards since then.

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“Hairy Situation”

best of clashes

She decided to mix my body wash with Nair.

— Matt

Aftermath: We broke up, and I currently have no hair.

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“But I love you baby…”

clashes secrets!

I came home to find my live-in boyfriend had not only taken more than the recommended dosage of prescription pain medication for his injury, but he was selling the pills out of my house…the pills I paid for…

—Illustrated Girl

Aftermath: I left him…then sold his precious guitar…

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“What did you just say????”


We were snuggling up to go to sleep after mind-blowing sex when he mumbled, “I used to f**k guys like that in prison”.


Aftermath: Called a cab and kicked him out

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