“MCAT: 45, Emotional Intelligence: 0.”


We dated for two years, and then he told me he didn’t love me “as much” anymore. Instead of cutting my losses there, I decided the smart decision was to have my soul crushed more in a “booty call” 3rd year. Finally, after I had done 3 years of his homework, he decided that he “didn’t care about me at all anymore” and dumped me.


Aftermath: We haven’t talked for a month, but greet each other awkwardly in run-ins on the street and at the library.

I still haven’t moved on, but I think he’s dating someone new already. I hope she’s smart enough to do his homework too…

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“Am I hiding my porn under my mattress?”


Our wedding was three months away. She felt that I was being unfaithful and started checking my phone. After a whole night of fighting about why I text other girls, I called it quits!!


Aftermath: It took a week and a half of her pleading with me, before I told her I was going to call the cops if she didn’t get the F*** out of my house. I have realized I’m not ready to give up 20-year-old bodies!!!!

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“Girlfriend’s Stillborn Daughter’s Ghost Story”


Her: “She’s smiling at you, do you see?”
Me: “Er, um, uh, not really.”
Her: “She says ‘Mommy don’t screw this up, he’s a keeper!’”
Me: “Great!”
Her: “Want to look at her pictures?”
Me: “OK…”
She proceded to show the stillborn pictures off like any other newborn pics.


Aftermath: I knew it would be over fast.

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““Free oil change””

secrets! sex

Lots of sex. The sex tapered off (not my choice) and the computer porn came. Some nudie pics looked homemade. I looked for them on his phone and found not only those pics, but videos of the girl in a setting that appeared to be his job. He said he had meant to delete them but had forgotten. Hard to believe since they were labled “free oil change”.


Aftermath: It took me 2 and a half years to get rid of his lying, cheating, stealing, abusive ass. He went to prison. I am now in love and engaged to an amazing man. The child I had with “assdad” has no idea who he is, and the $2 he sends for her every month reminds me how lucky I am to have gotten out of that alive.

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“Swings both ways”

chemistry sex

After dating her a couple weeks I was driving her home for the first time. As I pulled into her driveway I saw her GIRLFRIEND running at me with a baseball bat. Guess she wasn’t up for a three-way.


Aftermath: I heard her girlfriend dumped her and she gained 40 pounds. Maybe she should have stuck with dudes.

This post was submitted by Brody.

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