We drove to Canada for a trip. I got a UTI and had to cut the trip short because of immense pain. He screamed at me and refused to take me to a hospital until 6 hours later of driving.


Aftermath: Broke up with him as soon as I got home.

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“Best interest pregnancy test”


We were watching TV and out of nowhere he says, “If you were to get pregnant at this point in time, it would be in your best interest to have an abortion.”


Aftermath: I aborted him out the door and took a pregnancy test- thank goodness it was negative!

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“Crack Whore”

chemistry weird

I knew it was over when she told me that she had just got out of rehab for crack and she was ashamed of all the things she had done to get crack.


Aftermath: I dropped .00 on the table and never looked back.

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“Virgin love ordeal”


I got his number through a mutual friend who thought we might hit it off. We started talking via text message for about a month. Through this, I learned he was a virgin. We met, we f**ked. During the awkward ordeal he told me he loved me.


Aftermath: I said, “No, you do not love me… you love my p**sy.” I let him finish and haven’t spoken to him since.

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“Girly Issues”


We only slept in the same bed, nothing more. I assumed girly issues. I woke up in the morning to a red stain that soaked through everything, even the foam pad, right into the mattress.


Aftermath: Avoided her for 3 weeks, she confronted me, I told her. She’s avoided me since.

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