best of weird

Not only did he have a man purse (aka a ‘murse’), which I could have dealt with, but he also exclaimed he could foot the dinner bill because “this place is cheap.” And then as we parted, he pulled a jar of chunky peanut butter out of his murse, gave it to me, and told me, “It reminded me of you.”


Aftermath: I tossed the peanut butter and never saw him or his murse again.

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“Shaking the booty”

best of chemistry

She tried to lure me to bed by dancing provocatively naked in front of me. All I could do was laugh. I realized at this point I felt no attraction for this woman.


Aftermath: Ended officially a month later when she rang me and proceeded to verbally abuse me for 30 minutes whilst telling me I should give her a chance and did I know what I was missing?

This post was submitted by Henry.

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“Also Not True”


He pretended to own his condo to make it look like he did not rent. Of course I found out. But the real kicker was when he said that he was always taking his mother to the hospital to help her battle cancer. Also, not true.


Aftermath: Married 6 months, divorced & when I called him on all of his BS, he tried to put it on me…OK!

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“Gamer Girl”

best of clashes

I kept beating him in every video game we played and it really pissed him off. In the end, he tried forbidding me to play at all.


Aftermath: He wanted a gamer girl and he got one. Too bad he wasn’t man enough to handle it. It ended quickly and we never spoke again.

This post was submitted by Cecilie.

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“The Kitchen”

best of secrets!

It ended when my son walked into the kitchen and my fiancé was having oral sex with a friend of mine.


Aftermath: It lasted long enough for me to allow him to pack his stuff.

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