“Also Not True”


He pretended to own his condo to make it look like he did not rent. Of course I found out. But the real kicker was when he said that he was always taking his mother to the hospital to help her battle cancer. Also, not true.


Aftermath: Married 6 months, divorced & when I called him on all of his BS, he tried to put it on me…OK!

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“Gamer Girl”

best of clashes

I kept beating him in every video game we played and it really pissed him off. In the end, he tried forbidding me to play at all.


Aftermath: He wanted a gamer girl and he got one. Too bad he wasn’t man enough to handle it. It ended quickly and we never spoke again.

This post was submitted by Cecilie.

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“The Kitchen”

best of secrets!

It ended when my son walked into the kitchen and my fiancé was having oral sex with a friend of mine.


Aftermath: It lasted long enough for me to allow him to pack his stuff.

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“Counter Attack”

best of weird

It was over when I came home and found a Ziploc bag filled with poo left on my kitchen counter next to a note “Had a great time—you rocked my night! xxx” with her phone number. She had broken the toilet and I guess was too mortified to leave her business in the bowl, so she scooped it out, bagged it and forgot it on the counter.


Aftermath: I never heard from her again, but her roommate told me she was devastated. We really did have great chemistry, but in the end…

This post was submitted by Bill B.

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Our mediocre, long-distance, barely sexual relationship had crossed the one-year mark when he informed me he’d decided to spend his summer off learning Spanish in Guatemala instead of with me. Regardless, I tried to be supportive. When his emails grew increasingly brief a few weeks into his study abroad, I scheduled a mandatory phone date, and caught him in a lie: He’d met someone and cheated. I hung up, packed up his things and ignored the weak stream of apologetic emails and voicemails that followed.


Aftermath: We never saw each other again. Through the grapevine I learned he got married less than a year later…and had a baby. (Oops.) I have since met the man of my dreams and, as much as we love traveling together, we will never go to Guatemala.

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