I drove 140 miles to console her over getting a ‘B’ on a graduate school exam even though I was terribly ill. During the night she woke me to tell me my breathing was bothering her and could I go sleep on the couch?


Aftermath: Four months later, she told me that she sat rocking in a chair and crying all afternoon because she felt all of her friends liked me more than her and she wanted to be the ‘star’ of the relationship.

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“Married mannequins”

best of weird

He showed me his house. He had two life-size mannequins in his living room, man and woman. They were dressed in the exact outfits his parents were married in (wedding dress and military uniform). From head to toe, everything the mannequins wore on their wedding day. I thought maybe his parents had passed and he was remembering or honoring them. No, they are still alive.


Aftermath: That was date #2; he didn’t get to date #3. Too creepy for me.

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“At the beach”


My wife returned home after a weekend “at the beach” and told me she had found another place to live “alone.”


Aftermath: Less than a week.

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“Teasing me with a 3-way”

best of sex

She was always teasing me with a 3-way, with another girl. But, when she came home with her new best girlfriend, they had no interest in me.


Aftermath: Divorced 6 months later.

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“Shopping spies”

best of secrets!

He called me from out of the country and told me that he knew I was in a grocery store. And he wanted to know who I was shopping with (a male friend who had a car). Turns out his friends saw me and called him to tell him what I was doing.


Aftermath: I found out that he was an international drug dealer, living under a different name, was married, and had 5 children by 5 women—all at age 26.

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