“Birthday present threesome”


We celebrated his birthday per his wishes: He and his “friend” got their nipples pierced together.  While we three had martinis at our house, he leaned back and leered at us while she started playing with my hair. I felt so trapped. Later, they went to our bed together, while I stayed on the couch. The next day, as I cried my eyes out, he said I was “cool” and didn’t understand why I was so upset.


Aftermath: He told everybody I was mentally ill and making it all up. Fast forward to after the divorce: I don’t need anti-depressants anymore, and they’re engaged.

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“Not enough chaos”


We’d been dating for four months… I asked him to babysit my 5-year-old son for a few hours so I could attend a class. Came home to find he’d randomly rearranged all the kitchen dishes, shrunk my sweaters in the dryer, poured chlorinated water in my fish tank, and overdosed my kid on allergy medicine “because he coughed.” He laughed at my distress, and said my life wasn’t chaotic enough.

—Better off Single

Aftermath: I asked him to leave… forgot he still had my key. Next week, I skipped a regular appointment and came home to find him hanging out in my apartment. Got the key back then.

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“Hit me baby one more time”

sex weird

Two days into dating I received a knock on my door and it was her. She was horny. I went along with it, and it got nuts. When I got on top, she proceeded to slap me and tell me if I ever got on top again, she would kill me and dump my body where no one would find it.


Aftermath: I was a little scared to break up with her, so I dealt with it for a couple of days and then I couldn’t take it anymore. We’re both seniors in high school and I have to see her every day.

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“Maturity Levels”


I knew it was over when I found out I was the 2nd youngest person she had been with. She’s 19 and; I’m 29.


Aftermath: Thank you for letting me fall in love with you and then grossing me out.

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When I went on the first date with him, he admitted that he’d stayed up until I’d responded to his email and passed out while a friend was at his house.


Aftermath: We lasted a week.. I think out of pity.

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