He used the word “ain’t” in casual conversation and meant it. I work in communications, and one of my pet peeves is bad grammar.

— saquah

Aftermath: I just couldn’t get past it.

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“Mama’s Boy”

best of quirks

He talked to his mother so much he would even answer the phone at the movies!! One day I called him and he told me he couldn’t talk because he was painting her toe nails.

— Mari

Aftermath: I told him it wasn’t working out. His mother called me the next day to ask why.

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“Tidy TP”


I used his bathroom and he told me he was proud of me! I said I didn’t know what he was talking about and he said that I had finally ripped the toilet paper off at the very top and hadn’t left any sheets hanging below the roll!

— Pixie

Aftermath: I couldn’t take how obsessive-compulsive he was so I broke up with him.

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“Lesbian Avatar”


My husband was in an online game using a female avatar and fell in love with another player, also a female avatar. They had a wedding ceremony online in which my husband proudly proclaimed he’d never loved anyone the way he loves her.

— Barbara

Aftermath: Haha! Not only was my husband’s avatar piloted by a man – so was the other “woman.” We’re divorced now and I hear my ex is pursuing a sex change.

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“Big brother is watching…”


He wouldn’t get his deviated septum repaired because he didn’t want to have a nose job on his “record.” I never did find out who he thought was watching him so closely.

— Amy

Aftermath: We dated on and off for two years. I was willing to overlook a few things. He was hot!

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