“Beat the Ticket”


First (and last) date was over lunch. She bragged about the time she lied to a cop who pulled her over when she was speeding. She told him that she was racing to get home because a neighbor called and told her that her house was being burglarized. The cop followed her home where she took him on a wild goose chase around her yard before he determined she was safe. She was thrilled with the way she escaped a ticket. I knew that I didn’t want to date a liar and finished lunch ASAP.

— One lunch only

Aftermath: At the end of the meal, she suggested we get together again and I said my schedule is pretty full. It still is, if it’s her.

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“Short sleeve surprise”


I had been dating her for three months. Before we had met, she used to be a “cutter.” I never brought it up, for fear of her mental stability. When she wore short sleeves around me for the first time, the name “Brian,” (her ex-boyfriend) was clearly carved into her wrists.

— Tim

Aftermath: For the past seven years since we broke up, we’ve only talked a handful of times.

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“Daddy Don’t”


She said, “You remind me of the 4th of my 5 fathers.”

— QewlKat

Aftermath: Ran for the hills!

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He used the word “ain’t” in casual conversation and meant it. I work in communications, and one of my pet peeves is bad grammar.

— saquah

Aftermath: I just couldn’t get past it.

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“Mama’s Boy”

best of quirks

He talked to his mother so much he would even answer the phone at the movies!! One day I called him and he told me he couldn’t talk because he was painting her toe nails.

— Mari

Aftermath: I told him it wasn’t working out. His mother called me the next day to ask why.

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