“Wasn’t Worth It”


Four months in, he asked if he could stay with me while working in my town. Two months stretched into six, then he said he had another job coming up and wanted to continue living with me. He had just settled out of court for custody of his kid, so I knew he was no longer saving money for a lawyer. I asked him to contribute 1/3 of the rent in my new apartment. He told me it “wasn’t worth it” to him to pay $350/month to stay.


Aftermath: I said it “wasn’t worth it” to me to date a freeloader and kicked him out. Two days later, he got back with the ex even though he had spent a year talking about how much he hated her. I guess the free rent at her mom’s house is “worth it.”

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“One date and a funeral”


The day my grandmother died, I had a second date planned with someone. Upset, I called him to cancel, and he kindly offered to drive me to the airport. As we approached the terminal, I saw my brother and sister-in-law getting out of a cab. Next thing I know, he pulls up next to them and, jumping out of the car, says to me, “Oh, good. Introduce me to your brother.”

—Sad Granddaughter

Aftermath: My reply: “Um, I don’t think this is a good time; his grandmother just died, too…” Seriously, who tries to meet the family after one date, and before a funeral? This was over before I got on the plane.

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“Mr. Poopypants”


About 4 dates into it, he told a “funny” anecdote about having a good run at a blackjack table and not wanting to get up. Thinking he only had to fart, he let it slip, but something else came out. Not such a good run after all.

What bothered me most was that he told the story like it happened all the time and it wasn’t a big deal. From that point on, my friends and I all called him “Mr. Poopypants.”

Aftermath: I stopped returning phone calls. I bumped into him years later at a bar. After a couple beers and chatting, he asked why I stopped calling. I relayed the story. He assured me it was the only time it ever happened. I still didn’t date him.

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“Poor Aim”

best of manners

After a long night out with his guy friends, he came home, didn’t realized both the toilet seat and lid were down and proceeded to urinate all over the toilet, the floor and the wall.


Aftermath: After making him clean up (to my standards), we were together for more than a year after (4 years total.)

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best of manners

First blind date: He ordered ribs and I ordered chicken. After eating the ribs,  with BBQ sauce still all over his face, he starts trying to break the bones to suck out the marrow. Then, he reached over and started eating from my plate before saying, “You’re done with this right? Cause you didn’t eat.” He finished our dinner.


Aftermath: I left him while going to the bathroom. I never responded to his calls or messages. He wanted me to know I was the best thing that came into his life and I should be his girlfriend. His friends called me, texted and harassed me on MySpace for 2 months.

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