“Some place Nice”


He was a blind date. He called ahead to tell me we were going “some place nice” for dinner, so I dressed accordingly – cute dress, heels, the works. He showed up with flowers and candy! But it was all downhill from there.

He had welded his car doors shut, and the only way to get in was to hop through the window.  “Someplace nice” was Long John Silvers, and he spent the hour we were there talking about his Snap-On tools.


Aftermath: I thanked him for dinner, deflected his attempt to kiss me, and asked him to please not call me again. The friend who set us up was pissed at me for months.

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“Worst kiss I never had”


I’m not a huge fan of PDA, but I was expecting a kiss goodbye at the airport. He didn’t even sit next to me. And he definitely didn’t kiss me goodbye. I’m not sure why he even showed up at the airport.

Aftermath: Worst kiss I never had.

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“No cell phone? No relationship.”


He left me in a train station in a city where I knew no one, and claimed he “forgot” his cell phone, even though he knew I was coming.


Aftermath: I stayed with him and then, after not hearing from him for 3 weeks, decided he might not be worth it!

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“Chocolate Hog”


It was a second date and the guy came over to watch a movie. I had bought one of those huge chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s because I had just started my period and was saving it for one of those nights. He proceeded to eat the ENTIRE thing, shoving a small piece in his pocket to take home with him. Then he fell asleep within 20 minutes of the movie and snored like a train. Second impressions still count, buddy.


Aftermath: I don’t do snoring. And I don’t share chocolate! I ignored his calls after that and there was no third date.

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“Be My Valentine?”


*In high school*

I went into her classroom and sang a love song to her to be my Valentine.

She said yes, then no after school.

Figures, she told her friends about what she said.


Aftermath: I went up to her face and said, “B*tch”

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