“His and hers…poo?”


It was so over when he started to pick up his own dog’s poo, but leave my dog’s poo where it was.


Aftermath: He’s single, in his late 40’s, and still living with his mother.

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“Vanished like Houdini”


Three months into our relationship, he invited me to a huge rave. The day of he said we had to give a last-minute ride to his ‘ex’…they hung out together the whole evening and I felt like the third wheel on their date.


Aftermath: He did go home with me, but I simply stopped calling him the day after…and he vanished like Houdini.

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“Potty Mouth”


We were talking to each other via webcam when his 4 or 5 year nephew came into the room. “Go get me a drink, you little sh*thead,” he told the boy. I couldn’t belive he thought it was okay to talk to a child like that. When I asked him about it, he couldn’t understand why I thought it was such a big deal.


Aftermath: I was done at that moment but wasn’t sure how to break it off.

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“Left in bed”


He told me to go to bed and that he would be there in a bit because he was going to see his son that lived nearby for a little while. He stayed up all night with his son’s mother, rekindling their relationship while I was in his bed. He told me the next morning that we wouldn’t work out.


Aftermath: She left him after two weeks when his paycheck was gone.

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“Some place Nice”


He was a blind date. He called ahead to tell me we were going “some place nice” for dinner, so I dressed accordingly – cute dress, heels, the works. He showed up with flowers and candy! But it was all downhill from there.

He had welded his car doors shut, and the only way to get in was to hop through the window.  “Someplace nice” was Long John Silvers, and he spent the hour we were there talking about his Snap-On tools.


Aftermath: I thanked him for dinner, deflected his attempt to kiss me, and asked him to please not call me again. The friend who set us up was pissed at me for months.

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