“Miss Edjumacated”

best of clashes

We were hanging out, and trying to make small talk I asked her who she voted for. She said nobody but it “definitely wouldn’t have been Obama because isn’t he a Muslim or something?”


Aftermath: We hung out a couple more times but it ended after we shared a painfully awkward kiss and she told everyone we were dating. We weren’t.


“Social Anxiety”

best of clashes

My best friend’s mom died when we were 17. My boyfriend at the time was a friend of hers too, and we both went out of state to be with her for the funeral. He spent the whole weekend whining about his social anxiety disorder and how he hated the food everyplace we wentin front of my friend who had just lost her mother.


Aftermath: It lasted two more months. I talked to him less and less while he whined about how much he missed me, and then I met someone else at a ballroom dance class.

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“Resident Advisor”


I was dating one of the resident advisors at my dorm. The night before summer break, he ditched me and went out drinking with his friends. I got mad and drank with my friends too. He came back and yelled at me for it, threatening to write me up while he was still drunk.

Savannah Mary

Aftermath: We stayed together online for about a month after this.

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“First Date Rules?”


At the end of our first date, we had sex. On the second date, she started calling me her boyfriend. When I confronted her, she began crying and proceeded to yell at me in public.


Aftermath: It ended right then and there. Don’t sleep with men on the first date and expect a boyfriend.