“Cool Date”


On a trip out of town without him, I went to the best restaurant of my entire life. I wanted to share the experience with him, so I bought plane tickets to fly two hours to the restaurant, eat and come home that night as a cool date. He said he couldn’t because he needed to golf.


Aftermath: Still working on the best way to break up…we have a dog.

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“Coward? Confused?”


My boyfriend and I had been together for over 5 years. We’d been through several ups and downs, through Hell and back, and stayed best friends with our hands held tightly together. There was only one problem…he refused to touch me. He had given me every single excuse in the book…I don’t know if he’s gay or just not attracted to me anymore, but when he refused to even make-out with me, it was over over over…


Aftermath: He won’t even bother to try and win me back. After 5 and a half years, the ass won’t even talk to me. He was my best friend and now he stays away. Makes me mad that I’ve given myself to a coward…


“High School Play Date”


In high school, I went to a school play with a girl from my clique. She thought it was a date, because as soon as the lights went down, she grabbed my hand. I thought, “What the hell?  She’s kind of pretty.” When the lights came back up, I realized that pretty as she was, I simply wasn’t attracted to her.


Aftermath: She “broke up” with me the following Monday (we hadn’t spoken all weekend). I think we both wanted something that wasn’t there. We actually were better friends after that, though.

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““Real money””

best of chemistry

I asked him what he wanted to be doing in five years. He said “still driving a truck and finally be making real money at $15.00 per hour.” He had already been working there for five years and had started the job at $13.00 per hour.

—Ma Shell

Aftermath: We lasted two weeks after that. And the clincher? It ended when I had to give him a pen so he could sign my birthday card.

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We were having some drinks with friends at my house. He raised is glass, looked at the coaster…and cleaned it against the white tablecloth. “It was stained,” he said.


Aftermath: When it was over, more than a year later, that moment played again and again in my mind. I should have realized right then.

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