“Puffy paints”

best of chemistry

He cried because he was afraid to go home to his family’s house for Christmas. His mother has a giant collection of puffy paints. His dad turned the spare bedroom into a meditation room, complete with rock garden. His siblings drew names out of a hat to see who got to put the angel on top of the tree. Terrifying. Also, one time he cried because he was afraid to go on a hike in the park.


Aftermath: I slept with his best friend. Made both of them cry. God, I’m such a bitch.


3 Responses to “Puffy paints”

  1. Anwen says on :


  2. sirfant says on :

    i think i went out with you once.

  3. MajorKelly says on :

    He’d probably been abused by his family. And yes, you are a bitch.

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