“The poor thing”

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As I waited patiently for her to get ready, her kitten started nuzzling me. I picked the cat up and realized the poor thing had one eye. Then, my date came in, grabbed the cat from me and threw it violently onto the kitchen table, where it struggled to catch itself on the slippery surface before falling off the edge and landing on the hardwood floor.


Aftermath: I rushed our date and broke up with her the next weekend.


5 Responses to “The poor thing”

  1. Nix says on :

    Oh my god. You should’ve dumped her immediately, then called someone to take the cat away. That’s just awful.

  2. oasis says on :

    What horrifies me the most is that you left that cat to die in that monster’s hands. Way to go.

  3. MajorKelly says on :

    Your girlfriend abuses the cat, but Oasis is horrified that you didn’t steal it. I guess if you’re not a white knight, you’re a villain. Typical, self-righteous, animal rights whacko.

  4. raja says on :

    i hope you called animal control. how did it last past the first date?

  5. oasis says on :

    MajorKelly, who said anything about theft? The original posted said nothing about notifying any authorities. Typical trolling little prick.

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