“WINNER! Plain Nuts”

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I was eating almonds from a can and asked if he wanted any. He took the can and counted out the correct portion as stated on the nutritional information—then only ate those almonds.


Aftermath: We stopped seeing each other about a week later.

This post was submitted by Teagan.


4 Responses to “WINNER! Plain Nuts”

  1. broomy says on :

    I don’t get why that would cause you to dump someone.

  2. lucy says on :

    You are gonna die alone.

  3. WV Jim says on :

    The only one nuts is you.

  4. McMurphy says on :

    This is a legitimate concern. When you are dating someone, you look for clues that they will be compatible with you in the long run. Counting out your nuts and eating the allotted amount denotes an analytical person that just might drive some people insane in the long run. It is not good for them or the analytic person. Another person might look at that and write to ‘itwaslovewhen.com.’ Everyone that is not a true-blue sociopath deserves love.
    I get the issue though because the counting would drive me insane. My ex read somewhere that one should chew their food 30 times before swallowing it, and our mealtimes where met with silent chewing, him counting, and at times I envisioned throat punching him. I don’t want to spend a substantial part of my time on this earth with someone that anal (as I see it, they might say careful, and both are right). This forum is meant to enlighten. We look back on relationships or dead ends that never went anywhere despite a nice spark and wonder what it was. This person is articulating exactly what it was. I am glad they know themselves. I for one, do not think they will die alone, or that they are nuts (no pun intended?). They know what they want, and what they do not want. What is wrong with that?