“Final Straw”

best of sex

I was off and on with a guy who had a massive drinking problem. One night he got drunk and tried to kill me, saying that he wanted me to hate him. I stayed because I thought I could help him, but things never got better. The final straw was when he called me one day asking me if I would have sex with him in front of some creepy old man for money. I told him never to contact me again!


Aftermath: After almost 2 years of being off and on, that phone call made something click and after his million sorrys I just didn’t care anymore. My stress level has decreased and I’m much happier now.

This post was submitted by Crystal.


One Response to “Final Straw”

  1. WickedFaerie says on :

    I feel you… I was with a guy for 5 years. I knew he was into drugs about 3 months after we started dating but he swore he’d give it all up and i was naive enough to beleive him. He eventually got into heavy drinking. He even lost his apartment and moved in with me and my parents and i’d have to cover for him when he came home drunk so he didn’t get kicked out. He used to tell me stories when he was drunk that he robbed some old guy or crazy things like that. I thought i could change him too… When we got engaged i finally woke up and realised Is this the guy i wanna marry? Have Kids with??? I got out…