“WINNER! SportsCenter Cover”

best of secrets!

After turning me down for a night of intimacy (yet again!), he said he wanted to stay up and watch SportsCenter on ESPN. I went to bed, but had a hard time sleeping because of the volume. I went to ask him to turn it down, but he was not in the living room. I found him in the office, jerking off to porn.


Aftermath: Turns out he has an addiction to porn—not so much interested in the real thing. This was handy to find out after being married to him. This, among, many other things led to our divorce.

This post was submitted by Michelle J..


3 Responses to “WINNER! SportsCenter Cover”

  1. storm says on :

    Maybe you aren’t as hot as you think you are.

  2. luckeme says on :

    Sounds like storm has an addiction of their own… and that Michelle married my ex.

    It sucks when there’s an addiction issue of any sort but porn does a whole number on the person it affects and those who love the person it affects. AND there is a HUGE difference between being addicted and enjoying it occasionally. So, No. I’m not one of those girls who is anti-porn, I’m just anti being addicted to it.

  3. Sami says on :

    sounds too familiar. or not even the porn and helping himself but he more often than not prefers playing PS to interacting with me. sad and frustrating.

    yesterday he said that sometime recently he could see out the window that our next door neighbor was looking at porn on line. when he said that i said i couldn’t imagine how he saw in enough detail what was on that screen. so last night they were on line and i even went to the window and couldn’t tell what it was. he said it was because (last night) whatever was on the screen was too light. what?? and i wonder – what was his point of saying that….