“A Laundry List”

best of clashes

My mom caught me administering a hummer. He canceled as prom date the day before, had to work, I saw him drive by with another girl that night. Never met his family. Knew he liked guys too. I moved to another state. I finally had sex with him. He went to jail, wrote me, I had sex with him when he got out; my boyfriend of five years broke up with me because of that. Found out he was also banging my best friend… and was married.


Aftermath: The entire relationship took ten years of on-and-off to end. I finally said that I would run him over with my car if I ever ever saw him again. I haven’t seen him since.

This post was submitted by Laura.


5 Responses to “A Laundry List”

  1. cf says on :

    I hope you are kidding. Otherwise…you are disgusting.

  2. Anwen says on :

    Seriously? If that’s not a joke, you’re a terrible person.

  3. CSuser10 says on :

    wow… this should have been over at the second item. but i’m not gonna blame you for the end result, ten years of all that would drive anybody insane.

  4. loungeymrt says on :

    ho’s and the ne who love ’em!

  5. loungeymrt says on :

    men who love ’em