“Twilight v. Shakespeare”

best of chemistry

Being well-read is a major turn-on for me. On the first date, I referenced Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” and “Much Ado about Nothing,” and she had never even heard of them. But she had read “Twilight.”


Aftermath: There was not a second date.


10 Responses to “Twilight v. Shakespeare”

  1. baronvonfancypants says on :

    Maybe SHE was turned off by the vinegary smell of her douchey dinner partner.

  2. Craigy says on :

    I didn’t realise being intelligent was ‘douchey’ baronvonfancypants.

    Sounds like jealousy, does your girlfriend read Twilight by any chance? Oh who am I kidding, you don’t have a girlfriend. The judgemental cocks on this site never have girlfriends.

  3. baronvonfancypants says on :

    Intelligent is not douchey. Being a patronizing a-hole IS.
    Not only do I have a girlfriend (9 years now), but I have no need to cast aspersions on those that have differing tastes in literature, music, art, etcetera, to make me feel like a “big man”.
    I happen to think that Twilight is trite pablum. I’m sure that there are many lovely people that may like it.
    So suck on my hanging participle.
    Your mother has (and got a gerund stuck in her throat).

  4. sirfant says on :

    talk about suck and i think of shakespear,what a bunch of mind numbing drivel,i’d rather read batman comics.
    or better yet hustler.

  5. Craigy says on :

    Yeah right, you’ve got a girlfriend. A blow up doll doesn’t count.

    You ever read Twilight? It’s absolute garbage, sorry if that’s an insulting aspersion, but it’s true. I wouldn’t take anyone seriously if they read Twilight, and if that offends you, you should be the one sucking it.

    Your hanging participle seems tiny, just like the rest of you.

    PS, sirfant, reach puberty and then you can put in your opinion.

  6. baronvonfancypants says on :

    Craigy, I am your father.
    Go ask your mother.
    I should have given her the $200 for the abortion, instead of having her scrounge the change in the coin return slots at the bowling alley cigarette machines (and coming up short).
    Oh well. Lesson learned.

  7. Craigy says on :

    In other words, you’re a cretin with nothing else to say.

    By the way, post your own story, so we can all laugh at your pathetic lack of a love life.

  8. sirfant says on :

    you are a funny man craigy’slist.if you had a life you wouldn’t be reading this crap.welcome to the “i don’t have a breakup story because i’ve never had a date” club.

  9. baronvonfancypants says on :

    Actually Craigy.
    You’re the cretin (douche cookie).
    I made an observation/gave my opinion without attacking anyone. You chose an ad hominem attack (which is clearly the sign of a moron)…. Ironically, while calling me a judgemental cock!
    So, I played your game.

    Tell your mother to stop calling me.
    I’m out of bus tokens.

  10. baronvonfancypants says on :

    OK, maybe I called the dinner partner a douche.
    Shame on me. 😀