best of quirks

I came home and saw my husband working on some type of project. He was making a WWE wrestler belt out of an old pizza box, gold paint, and a Sharpie.

— Amber

Aftermath: He spent three days working on it. My dog got a hold of it, chewed it up, and he made another one. I divorced him shortly after but I kept my dog.

This post was submitted by Amber.


6 Responses to “Hulkmania”

  1. Nix says on :

    That’s kind of a stupid reason to divorce someone.

  2. superrdude says on :

    That’s interesting that you can be so forgiving to the dog, and so unforgiving to your husband, but don’t worry, someday you’ll figure out what love is

  3. Dman says on :

    You married a guy and didn’t notice he did things like that? What did you marry him the day you met him?

  4. leahouwinga says on :

    So the guy has some quirks. I think it’s going to take a while to realize that nobody’s perfect.
    Besides, at least it gave him something to do.

  5. Lamp says on :

    Least he didn’t sit on the couch all day and watch wrestling.

  6. buttercrunch2 says on :

    First of all, your story is so funny I about fell off my bed laughing when I read it. Second of all, this moment makes total sense to me as a knowing it was over epiphany. Compatibility operates on many different levels, but if you can’t at all connect with how someone enjoys f-ing away their time, it undoubtedly means your incompatible on many levels, not just the-WWE, pizza box, wrestling belt level. Glad you figured it out with something small instead of something big, like infidelity or years lost to the wrong relationship. Good work!