“WINNER! Frisky”

best of sex

My wife came home from working at a truck stop as a waitress. We talked about her day and then I started kissing her and getting frisky. She was all excited so, as she stood in front of, me I undid her pants and started to pull them off. I got her pants to her knees when something wet landed on my hand, I looked down and to my horror I saw a used rubber.


Aftermath: I got up, packed her stuff and threw her out and 3 months later I was divorced.

This post was submitted by Randy.


2 Responses to “WINNER! Frisky”

  1. Not Happy says on :

    Good for you, wish mine was that easy.

  2. Isthistrue says on :

    Wow, she was in a hurry to get home to you. Lol.