“WINNER! Cartoon Sing Along”

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I was on a blind date. We had time to kill before the movie at the mall. We were walking around and small-talking in the electronics department of a store. They were playing an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. To get a laugh, I sang along with the song that Bugs was singing. She looked at me in an odd way. I explained that I had the song on a CD. That only made it worse.


Aftermath: Cartoon Boy didn’t get a second date.

This post was submitted by Frank.


2 Responses to “WINNER! Cartoon Sing Along”

  1. lucy says on :

    Silly woman. That’s a skill worth marrying!

  2. GoM says on :

    She’s an idiot I would of started singing along with you. Keep looking there are lots of girls who would appreciate that out there.