“Doubling Up”

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He got mad at me for doubling up on birth control to postpone my period so we could have sex after being away from each other for a week. He seemed to think this was going to somehow get me pregnant.


Aftermath: I tried to talk to him a few times, but gave up when he refused. We never spoke again. Ever.


2 Responses to “Doubling Up”

  1. KnowBuddy says on :

    A bit too vague… What kind of birth control were you using, and exactly how were you “doubling up” with it??
    If condoms, it’s not uncommon for some couples to layer 2 on at once (like some pros do in the porn video biz), in case 1 breaks. But if you’re talking about being on the Pill, you better talk to your doc and study up on the facts. I’m not 100% sure, but double-dosing daily hormones probably is a BAD idea, offers no benefit or difference over normal daily single dosing as prescribed, and may be somehow dangerous. Unless you’re talking about having been off all birth control for an extended period of time immediately preceding your conjugal act, and attempting to use a double dose of something as a “morning after” last resort measure. That probably requires expert counsel on what to use, how to do it right, the risks, etc. Many might advise against relying on that option as a routine practice. I hope it worked, whatever you did. Please be more generous with the clarifying details next time. cheers!

  2. Jessie562 says on :

    It’s when you skip the inactive set of pills that bring on your period. If you go right into the next set of active pills, you are still protected and also get to skip having your period for the month.