“At least he was clean…”

best of sex

After sex, I asked him why he spent so much time in the bathroom before returning to bed, and he said “I had to wash my genitals.”


Aftermath: It ended one month later, which was one month too long.


3 Responses to “At least he was clean…”

  1. valerina says on :

    I don’t think there’s anything horribly wrong with that. He just didn’t want to go to bed with his man-bits still juicy. That’s completely understandable. It’s nothing personal against you or your personal hygiene.

  2. sexykritter says on :

    So this guy wants to be clean for you and you leave him for that? Guess we know who has the dirty genitals… bet your always first in line at Planned Parenthood.

  3. kbkee says on :

    doesnt everyone wash? i bring a hot cloth back to the bed and wash my partner afterwards. just another intimate moment we share.