“MCAT: 45, Emotional Intelligence: 0.”


We dated for two years, and then he told me he didn’t love me “as much” anymore. Instead of cutting my losses there, I decided the smart decision was to have my soul crushed more in a “booty call” 3rd year. Finally, after I had done 3 years of his homework, he decided that he “didn’t care about me at all anymore” and dumped me.


Aftermath: We haven’t talked for a month, but greet each other awkwardly in run-ins on the street and at the library.

I still haven’t moved on, but I think he’s dating someone new already. I hope she’s smart enough to do his homework too…

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“Bondage my bad…”

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We met up for bondage role play and with him blindfolded and his hands behind his back, I shoved him forward causing his face to bounce off the bed post and the floor. I then left saying, “You can clean this up, right?” (talking about the blood).


Aftermath: Broke his nose and gave him a severe concussion. Haven’t heard from him since.

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“Crying for Help”

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We were in a three year on-again, off-again relationship that went from engagement to genuine public animosity and back, punctuated with booty calls and jealousy. One night after sex at my place she began crying and wouldn’t tell me why, then abruptly left. The next morning she called and said she’d been seeing this guy and thinks she might be in love.


Aftermath: She called intermittently after that; a week later to tell me that I’d better get tested for STD’s; a month later to tell me that she’d been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder; three months later to tell me that she was engaged. I eventually changed my number. She was married within six months of that night at my place.

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“Psychotic Ex-Girlfriends”

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I’m in college. I meet some dude. He seems cute. He asks me out on a date. We go out. We go back to his apartment to hang out. His ex-girlfriend shows up at the door. He has me hide in the bedroom while they fight. For 3 hours.

— buttercrunch

Aftermath: I never agreed to a second date although he made several attempts to schedule one. He semi-stalked me for about a month after that, until I floated the word around campus that he was a bit stalker-ish. He stopped.

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“Homework or Stalking?”

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A friend told me about someone who was “in love with me.” I decided to give him a chance. Within two weeks, he started calling me three times a day. Next, he said he was “depressed for no reason.” After a month of dating, I ended things. He preceded to tell me how he did his “homework” before asking me out. He said he asked old high school acquaintances about me for three months! I asked, confused, “you’ve been asking people about me for three months? Knowing everything about me?” He said yes, casually.

— Jan

Aftermath: He never contacted me again. Thank goodness he had a little respect for himself.

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