“Toilet Toothbrush”

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He decided to give me some space and, “Some time to think.” He said he was going to spend the night at his friend’s. I knew this was a lie. I found his ex wife’s address, drove up there at 4am, and of course, his car was outside! I drove home, packed his things, and sent him a text telling him to come and get his stuff. He returned an hour later to collect his belongings.


Aftermath: Two weeks later, his wife appeared on my doorstep, asking questions. I only had one to ask: was he still using the same toothbrush? She said, “Yes.” I smiled and she looked puzzled and we parted on friendly terms. Though I’ve not seen his sorry ass since, I bet his breath stinks :-)

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After we’d been married for about 4 years, whenever I initiated sex, she would say, can’t we just hug or cuddle? I think I realized then it would not last.


Aftermath: Divorced at the 10 year point. I still think she thought there was nothing wrong with what she was doing!

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“Harry Potter and the pointless argument”

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We got into a two hour long shouting match over something that may or may not have happened in a Harry Potter book.


Aftermath: I realized how stupid the past year and a half had been and refused to talk to her for about a week before finally calling and breaking up with her. This was not the first trivial argument we had.

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“Hey, jealousy”

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She was jealous of the time I spent with my band. Then, she explained that she was specifically jealous of our lead singer (whom I’ve played music with for the last seven years).

It also didn’t help that the woman she was jealous of happens to be a lesbian.


Aftermath: After a terrible year and a half it finally ended. Much psycho B.S. followed. She still comes to our shows sometimes – who knows why.

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“Bar crawl”

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I met her at a bar. I should have known better. We hit it off and started casually dating. I found out she went to the bar every other day. I’m not the bar type of guy. When I did go out, I found out her past. She slept with everyone there.


Aftermath: She needed a place to stay when she lost her job. Took me 2 months to get rid of her. Got fed up and kicked her out. Never date anybody you meet at a bar.

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