“Hanging Out”


We were married not quite 4 years when she started spending a lot of time “hanging out” with a coworker. I was too trusting to say anything, then she stopped coming home at night. Shortly after, she said she had feelings for him and needed time to figure things out. I held on for as long as I could, then asked for a divorce.


Aftermath: They were together for several years and ended up getting married. On their 2nd anniversary he asked her for a divorce. I did a little dance when I found out.

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After many emails on Match.com, he was just dying to meet me and see a film.
We get to the box office and he says, “One please.”

—patty cake

Aftermath: Game over…I didn’t even go to the movie. I told him I changed my mind and walked away. I canceled Match.com.

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“Mutual Heartbreak”


We spent the summer in love and avoided the inevitable. The day before he left, we cried for two hours straight. We didn’t kiss or touch, except to hold hands, and even that felt empty. He got in his car and I stood by the door, reality slowly sinking in. This was it. He was leaving, and he wasn’t coming back. “Goodbye,” he choked out, backing up his car. He turned to look at me one last time. I’ve never felt so much pain from one glance.


Aftermath: We agreed on no contact. It’s been incredibly difficult. We’ve talked every single day for almost two years; now there’s nothing. I lean on my friends and family, let myself cry when I need to. I put his pictures, gifts, and everything else away. I’m not okay, but I’m alive.

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“Thought You Should Know…”

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I was seeing this girl for a few months. We had unprotected sex multiple times. One night, she was drunk/crying and said she had something to tell me. We went back to my place where she told me, “We can’t have sex tonight.” I asked why. She told me she had genital herpes and was having an outbreak but not to worry, because it “goes away” in a few days.


Aftermath: Her herpes never “went away” and she is currently back together with the guy she got herpes from. I have been tested six times since and still am not convinced I don’t have it regardless of what my results tell me.

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I work at a very nice theatre that people come from all over the state to visit. He came to a performance one night wearing his traditional Scottish garb, kilt and all. It wasn’t until later that it occurred to me that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. That embarrassed and grossed me out too much to continue seeing him.


Aftermath: He was a nice guy, but I couldn’t look at him the same after that. I’m not a prude, am I?

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