“Fruit TMI”


After a mind blowing round of oral sex she said “I can tell you eat a lot of fruit.”

— sweet tasting

Aftermath:  She had been with too many men for my taste.

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“Surprise bed fellows”

best of sex

His invited his friend into bed with us. I ran away screaming.

— Andrea

Aftermath: I think my reaction said it all.

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best of sex

We were about to go at it when the smell hit me, the most awful smell my nose has ever experienced. I uncontrollably went limp but since I’m a nice guy, I told her I had erectile dysfunction.


Aftermath: I immediately got an STD test.

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“How much?”

best of sex

I found out that she was an escort.

— live and learn

Aftermath: Need I say more?

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After four months of living together sex STOPPED. One night I came out of the shower and straddled him. He was STILL not paying attention to me, and asked if we could do this later.

— jadedkandy

Aftermath: The break up was messy. We haven’t talked since.

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