“Catholic Seed”

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My boyfriend suspected I was thinking of breaking up with him, so one night he snuck off the condom without saying anything. I noticed and asked why he did that. He said, “so I can give you something you can’t give back,” i.e. a pregnancy. I stopped everything, broke up the next morning.

— Sally

Aftermath: That’s the last time I date a Catholic.

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My ex-boyfriend’s guy best friend stayed over one night. I went to bed early..and woke up the next morning with the two of them in bed.

— lemonlime

Aftermath: I said ’ex-boyfriend’ didn’t I…

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“Blame it on the Bipolar”

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This guy I was with for 4 years used “I was having a bipolar episode” as the excuse for why he slept with another girl, with the exact same name as me… for a whole month.

— L

Aftermath: Needless to say, we’re no longer together. Every time I hear Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘N Cold” I’m always reminded of him.

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“Unromantic Getaway”

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Sex was never high on her priority list, and frankly she wasn’t very good at it despite being quite easy on the eyes. I knew it wasn’t going to work when we went on a vacation to the Bahamas to a real nice resort, very romantic, and not once would she have sex with me. She could never tell me why either.

— mitmouse

Aftermath: We saw a counselor for 1-1/2 years and never got anywhere with the lack of sex issue. Too bad, I really loved her and tried everything to make it work. I still think of her now and again.

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“No cream for me”


He told me his fantasy was to taste his own cum…in the mouth of a chick who gave him a BJ…..NO THANK YOU.

— Rachel

Aftermath: He was the last guy I had relations with…..I’ve been a lesbian now for the past 4 years.

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