After many emails on Match.com, he was just dying to meet me and see a film.
We get to the box office and he says, “One please.”

—patty cake

Aftermath: Game over…I didn’t even go to the movie. I told him I changed my mind and walked away. I canceled Match.com.

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6 Responses to “Mis-Match.com”

  1. elpea70 says on :

    This also happened to me with a Match.com date, along with “two checks please” at dinner. I only stuck around because he was fantastic in bed. He dumped me for a woman with some mental issues, who had slept with her cousin. He liked to rescue damsels in distress, and I wasn’t one. Later, he asked me back. I told him too bad, because by that time I was engaged to a fabulous man who is now my husband and always paid!

  2. TCS says on :

    So how come you ladies didnt inform the fella of your expectation at the beginning? he could then reply with “if you make a good sammich, i’ll pay for your ticket.” We like old-fashioned too! You just want it both ways- equality AND a free meal. Get over yourselves please, it’s confusing!

  3. elpea70 says on :

    Oh please, TCS, when you ask a woman out on a date, you expect to go dutch? She doesn’t. Ever. Now you know. And maybe you’ll get a homecooked meal out of it if it goes well. And if you really wanted a old fashioned gal, don’t expect sex before marriage. HA!

  4. broomy says on :

    So you’re not a damsel in distress, but you need to be paid for? Don’t speak for what all women expect. Ever. I, for one, didn’t ask you to. Some of us can fend for ourselves.

  5. WickedFaerie says on :

    It’s women like you that spawned the “typical woman” stereotype from most men. Grow up! There’s nothing wrong with going dutch! I for one don’t like to be treated like i can’t support myself! What does he get in return for paying for you? you’re one of those women who think he has to pay for you just to enjoy the “pleasure” of your company…. Be an independant woman!

  6. MajorKelly says on :

    Whether he should’ve paid or not, even in baseball you get three strikes. Maybe the rest of the evening would’ve been nice, or even magical. Now you’ll never know.