“Coward? Confused?”


My boyfriend and I had been together for over 5 years. We’d been through several ups and downs, through Hell and back, and stayed best friends with our hands held tightly together. There was only one problem…he refused to touch me. He had given me every single excuse in the book…I don’t know if he’s gay or just not attracted to me anymore, but when he refused to even make-out with me, it was over over over…


Aftermath: He won’t even bother to try and win me back. After 5 and a half years, the ass won’t even talk to me. He was my best friend and now he stays away. Makes me mad that I’ve given myself to a coward…


2 Responses to “Coward? Confused?”

  1. rattletrap says on :

    5 years in a relationship and he wouldn’t touch you? You’ve apparently got more patience than about 99.99% of the people on this planet.

  2. ObjectiveCommentator says on :

    Patience? Erm, I wouldn’t call it that. Foolishness, maybe. Or misguided. Definitely not patience.