“Puppydog man/boy”


Some of my friends were throwing a party in a nearby city, so I asked him to come with me. He spent the entire weekend at my heel, to the point of waiting outside the bathroom door when I was using the facilities. By the end of day 2, I was jumping at any chance to leave. Every time I came back, he was sitting right by the door, waiting.


Aftermath: Because I was oh-so-mature at 19, I stopped answering his calls as soon as we got back to town. A couple months later, I moved across town and threatened my friends under pain of death not to give him my new address.

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One Response to “Puppydog man/boy”

  1. MajorKelly says on :

    Unless he did more than follow you around all weekend and make a few follow-up calls, I think your reaction was extreme. Maybe he was just phobic around strangers. If you’d worked with him on it, you might have had a devoted boyfriend.