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I accidentally walked in on her while she was taking the nastiest crap I have ever smelled. I almost passed out when I smelled it. I could never look at her the same.


Aftermath: We broke it off about a month later.


5 Responses to “Nasty”

  1. honeyrrsted says on :

    …and your s*** DOESN’T stink? Light a match.

  2. scroller says on :

    Good luck on finding a non-pooping girl. When you do find her, make sure not to blow her up too much. She might pop.

  3. rayray says on :

    Hey man…Everybody Poops!

  4. squitz says on :

    Have you ever heard of knocking first?

  5. MajorKelly says on :

    “It’s not the crying or the cheating or the stealing. Remember a month ago when I walked in on you dumping a load? The smell of your shit makes you unlovable.” lol