“Lost erection”


This may sound superficial & selfish but my moment came when he couldn’t get it up…I am a very sexual person & not having compatibility in this arena–it’s a major deal breaker. I tried dealing with it, but after a while I just couldn’t. It started out great, his sex drive was right there along with mine but then it kinda slowed down a bit & then the lost erection thing started…that was it!


Aftermath: The relationship ended 2 days after our last attempt. The funny thing is that he blamed this on me for, get this, being too pretty & sensual for him…WTF? How is that even a reason? Sigh…


3 Responses to “Lost erection”

  1. BulletBoy says on :

    Actually, considering a large part or eroticism is mental, I CAN see how a man could be intimidated out of an erection by a non-forgiving partner. Or maybe there were other factors he woudn’t/couldn’t face up to.

    You’re entitled to compatibility…but yes, that was superficial.

  2. BikerChic says on :

    Being a female with a high sex drive, I can see where PornQueen is coming from. It seems all guys want is a nympho, then when they get one, they complain we are wearing them out.

  3. onthesleeve says on :

    Being a guy i use to be with a girl that was very very pretty and i had problem in the department because i was intimidated but instead of just ignoring it, we talked and worked it out and it was a problem no longer.